We’ve been hard at work prepping for our Kickstarter (which is hopefully very soon™) and while we’re not quite ready to announce exactly what all our reward tiers will be, we wanted to at least announce one of the larger rewards, “Koza Jet”


When initially brainstorming rewards, we wanted something that felt exclusive, but also tied into our world. If you haven’t been following us very closely (Start!), the company behind Circuits and Shields is called “Koza Games.” While technically the only reason Koza Games exists is for legal reasons, we are marketing geniuses and understand the value of brand recognition. If you’ve been following our character backstories, you’ll also note that the main city of the Avos is called “Koza”, so hopefully it’s all starting to make sense. If you’re curious about Koza Games as a company, be sure to go check out our quick about page at http://kozagames.com.


Also, shoutout to Khoa Huynh (https://www.artstation.com/artist/danklay) who is the creator of Koza Jet. Fantastic artist and great to work and he’s also available for freelance work, so reach out!



Making “Koza Jet”

jet concepts

At first, we didn’t really have a clear idea on what direction we wanted to go with “Koza Jet”. One issue was admittedly that the Default Jet skin doesn’t really that much of an identity other than the robot arm and the mask. We had to ask ourselves, “Do we want a mask on all skins going forward? Do we want a robot arm on all skils going forward?” Khoa’s friend Long Nguyen (https://www.behance.net/NguyenHoangLong) drew up these concepts to try to help us nail a direction. We selected the bottom middle one as we felt is best fit Jet in his current state, but definitely needed some tweaks to make it perfect.


From these concepts, we established that “Koza Jet” would be Jet after making contact with the Avos. Due to Jet’s personality, one would assume he’d immediately buy into anything the Avos were selling, so it makes sense that he’d end up with some fresh new armor and gear.


Final Concept

Jet Fi

Above is the final concept we ended up with for Jet. We thought it did a nice job of conveying the original Jet, but definitely showed a newer, meaner Jet, one that had made contact with the Avos and likely wanted to impress them.



Initial Sculpt

jet wip



The next stage was turning Jet into a 3D sculpt. While this turned out fairly well, as our ideas developed more and more, we realized we probably don’t want to be restricted in the fact that all Jet skins will have robot arms. Fortunately, Khoa was flexible enough to tweak that as well as add some additional details in the chest and armor.


Final Sculpt

jet skin


The final sculpt together very well as we added those additional details. We felt the proportions and look really fit the default Jet skin, but had enough uniqueness to stand on it’s own, especially as an exclusive skin.


Koza Jet



The texturing stage helped us add some extra character to Jet, like the contrast on his armor and armguards, as well as the logo on the cape, something we really love since it ties both the lore in the game and outside the game together.


Again, “Koza Jet” will be available EXCLUSIVELY through Kickstarter so be sure to keep an eye out for when that releases. Be sure to follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/CircuitsGame for frequent updates, or hop in our Discord at https://discord.gg/caUt2RX where we can answer any questions.

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