We technically didn’t want to announce this until after Kickstarter, but Bruno is so cool we couldn’t really keep it under wraps anymore.



The Legend of Bruno Peng

While crime is mostly non-existent in the Fabled world, ever so often a true maniac comes along. The maniac in this story was none other than Garth Lichtenburg, known locally as the Breadburglar. Garth was notorious for stealing all of the town’s Garlic Bread and Garth’s thievery knew no bounds. He didn’t just steal bread from the men, but from the women and children too.


Enter Bruno Peng. Bruno was a selfish young adult, mostly caring only about himself, but when his local surf shop was out of Garlic knots on Garlic Knot Wednesday, Bruno knew it was time to take action. Surprisingly cunning, Bruno tracked down Garth to an old abandoned complex outside of town. Using high ground advantage, Bruno swooped in, smaking Garth right in the face with a massive tuna (which goes horribly with garlic), knocking him out cold. The authorities arrived and Bruno became a town hero, even earning free Garlic Knots for life.


Bruno’s celebrity status lasted for a few weeks, but the town quickly forgot and moved on. Bruno, however, did not. He continued to appear on talk shows and interviews, but refused to acknowledge his waning fame. As the crowds grew smaller, Bruno became increasingly hostile and lost, constantly criticizing the town for underappreciating him.


After a day of heavy drinking and tequila shots, Bruno showed up to his scheduled press conference only to find that no reporters had shown up. Legally, if no one showed up within 15 minutes, he was allowed to leave, so he stumbled out of studio mumbling obscenities at the ungrateful citizens. In his stupor, Bruno trekked down an old alleyway, but tripped onto a massive trebuchet he somehow missed. Somehow triggering the firing mechanism, Bruno was launched into the air, flying for what felt like hours until he finally passed out.


Bruno awoke in an unfamiliar world, surrounded by peering eyes, none of which belonged to a familiar Fabled face. Dusting himself off, Bruno stood up only to be greeted by an angelic creature unlike anything he had ever seen. Wiping his eyes in disbelief, Bruno listened intently.


“We hear you’re quite the celebrity”, the god-like figure whispered to Bruno, “prove yourself in this world, and you’ll never be forgotten.”




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