What is Circuits and Shields?

Circuits and Shields, “the Modern Player’s MOBA”, is an indie developed PC game on Unreal Engine 4. It is a new take in a world of MOBA clones and generic gameplay, taking the knowledge gained from over a decade of MOBA design and building a smarter gameplay experience. Circuits both simplifies and enhances familiar concepts like items and spells, making it a great fit for both new players and MOBA veterans alike. Players battle it out in a variety of unique arenas where no game is like the last. Circuits plans for a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter early Q2 2018 with eventual distribution through Steam.

When can I expect it to be released?

There’s no set release date as we have to get through Kickstarter first (Q2 2018). However, we will have a playable pre-alpha prior to Kickstarter. Access to this will be invite only. Details will be announced in Discord.

How much will it cost?

Circuits follows a “Free to play” or F2P model. All in-game purchases will be purely cosmetic and grant no in-game benefit.

What makes this game any different from other MOBAs?

Rather than focus on brand new, untested features, Circuits primarily takes design principles from other MOBAs and look at streamlining and improving them. However, it does feature some key unique changes.

  • Augments: Circuits uses “Augments” in lieu of skill levels. These are in-game perks that modify your spells to provide new functions. Augments allow champions to fit multiple roles and playstyles based on what augments you select.
  • Items: In order to reduce the knowledge barrier of entry in regards to learning new items and recipes, Circuits uses an upgradable item system. Items work in easy to understand tiers.
    Blessings: Blessings can be likened to “Team Items”. Each player earns a set amount of “Favor” per game, which can contributed to a team pool. Blessings are unique map-wide events and buffs that provide an additional layer of strategy to each map.



What is Circuitball?

Circuitball is a unique 5v5 game mode where two teams must work together to get the circuitball into the enemy team’s “endzone”. The ball spawns in the middle of the map and can be carried or passed, requiring Players to combine traditional MOBA teamfighting with strategy to score points.

How many different maps/gamemodes are you planning to have?  Will Circuits have a traditional game mode?

Circuitball is our primary focus for Kickstarter, however, we will be creating a more traditional MOBA map (5v5 with minions and towers) as our main game mode post-Kickstarter. This traditional map will have some unique mixups and features, but will mostly follow the standard MOBA formula. Beyond the traditional mode and Circuitball, we do plan to eventually release an ARAM style map, as well as a Helm’s Deep-esque offense/defense mode.

Will you have a ranked mode?  What about eSports?

Eventually, yes.  We have full intentions to support a competitive community, but our focus is currently on maximizing the success of our Kickstarter.



I want to give ideas and suggestions, where can I do that?

We have multiple design contests going on in our Discord, come contribute!

Can I help test Circuits and Shields?

We’ll be sending out some pre-alpha keys somewhat shortly in Discord, so just be an active member of our community and we’ll be sure to include you!

Where can I donate to support this game?

Kickstarter will be announced soon and we’d love to have your support there. In the meantime, you can donate directly to the project on PayPal (https://www.paypal.me/ChandlerThomlison). Make sure to notify us if you donated here so we can make sure you get your proper Kickstarter rewards in the future. Any funds donated now are a huge help in making sure we have the budget to deliver the best project possible come Kickstarter.

I feel like I have skills that can help, where can I apply to work on the game?

Currently, we are only seeking a graphic artist and a video editor for Kickstarter.  These roles are to ensure that our Kickstarter page looks as professional as possible, so if you have prior experience with that sort of thing, please reach out! We’ll likely have several opens positions after Kickstarter, so be sure to keep an eye out.