“While I am extremely excited to begin our crowdfunding campaign, I also realize bringing a sub-par project into Kickstarter will cost us in the long run. The current goal is a playable product with AAA quality prior to Kickstarter and while I am doing everything I can to cut costs without cutting quality, the current budget is at the sole graces of my extra income and the graciousness of these guys and girls to work at prices far lower than their normal rates.


Any donations now help us build a better product heading into Kickstarter. Knowing that, I will personally track all donations and ensure that you receive the proper Kickstarter reward as if you had contributed double that during the campaign. Meaning, a donation of $10 now will earn you a $20 Kickstarter reward. Unfortunately, reward tiers are unknown at this time, but there will be some very cool stuff available.


If a donation is not something you’re interested in right now, that’s absolutely fine. You can support Circuits and Shields solely by joining our Mailing List or following us on Twitter and Facebook. And of course, games like ours survive on word of mouth, so be sure to tell all your friends about us.


Lastly, be sure to head over to the forums. Circuits is in early development right now meaning it can still be shaped by contributors like you, feel free to chip in any comments or suggestions you have.


I look forward to showing you all what this team is capable of and delivering a great experience.”


– Chandler “CThom” Thomlison

Creator/Game Director of Circuits and Shields