Today, we are happy to introduce Luca Presto, the Master of Pretend. Though the Presto family is known as a long line of successful magicians, the magic touch seems to be lost on Luca. However, despite failing nearly all of his tricks and illusions, Luca still manages to draw massive crowds due to his incredible showmanship. Part 1 of our story follows Presto’s initial backstory, including the fateful day he meets his would-be assistant Cara, who changes his life forever. Part 2, which will be released in the coming weeks, will cover Presto and Cara’s daring entrance into a nearby locked down government facility, which unknowingly houses a portal to the Avos utopian world.


Our current Kickstarter plan of 5 fully completed champions does not include Presto in the lineup, but we wanted to release info on Champions outside that lineup because we are extremely excited about the quality of the world beyond Kickstarter. As always, if you’d like to know more about our other champions, you can visit our wiki at



Family Ties

Magic may have run in the Presto bloodline, but in Luca’s own veins, it merely trickled.  His grandmother had been infamous for her mystical brews and unconventional remedies in the old country, while his father, adopting a more “acceptable” approach to magic, took to the streets to perform inhuman feats and mind-boggling tricks. Growing up in such a household, Luca felt the need to pursue a magic of his own, a burden that grew especially heavy when his father passed the family heirloom down to him, an “enchanted” deck of cards . Despite his lineage,  Luca’s early tricks resulted in disaster. Sometimes disaster simply meant the groans of the crowds as he repeatedly guessed the wrong card, but sometimes disaster meant… well let’s just say the family rabbit is now one ear short of a pair.


However, Luca was not without his own talents. Despite his repeatedly botched attempts at magic, the crowds continued to return. Luca’s performance skills were so tantalizing, so alluring, the people didn’t care whether or not the tricks worked, they just wanted to see him perform.



Growing Pains

As the years passed, however, the famine ravaging earth grew worse and Presto’s dependable act of lovable failure lost its luster. The people needed hope. With each passing performance, Luca continued to put on his veil of confidence and arrogance that was so crucial to his act, but deep down, he felt the same insecurity and hopelessness the world did. Desperately, he would glare at his trusty playing cards, praying for just one success, but time and time again there was no reply, until one fateful day…


Luca performed his act as he always did, sweeping motions, grandstanding speech, all of which inevitably ended in failure. For his final trick, he picked a member of the audience to come on stage, this time, a woman named Cara. (Luca always attempted to get a date out of this maneuver, another trick that has never worked). The act proceeded as usual; however, as he produced Cara’s card from the crocodile’s mouth, something amazing happened. For the first time, Luca had pulled the correct card.


His former facade now replaced with actual confidence, Luca proudly approached Cara after the show, fully expecting his date trick to finally payoff as well. However, Cara had other ideas, instead offering to be his assistant, claiming her mother had performed for years alongside Luca’s father. With the crowds growing smaller and smaller (and still being optimistic about a date), Luca gladly welcomed the chance to shake things up.


Luca Presto - the master of pretend


The Master of Pretend

Word spread of Presto’s newly successful act and the next day he faced an audience bigger than any he’d ever seen. The magician gripped his cards tightly asking for another miracle… and he got one. Every single trick worked. Blinded by his arrogance, Luca believed the magic in his veins had awoken, the cards had finally answered his call. He conveniently missed Cara’s quick-moving hands sliding the correct cards into place or somehow erasing the mistakes that usually hounded him. For every mis-step Luca made, Cara was there to correct it.


Presto’s fame quickly swept across the dying city, prompting Luca to immediately think of bigger and better illusions. Cara suggested a one-time performance where they would break into a new private facility the government had just built. Despite little being known about the facility, the litany of guards scattered around its premises did well to hint at its importance. The plan was certainly insane in theory, but after so much success, Presto’s ego could hardly refuse such a challenge.


And so, in broad daylight, Luca Presto and the lovely Cara waltzed up to the front gate of the facility…



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