A few weeks ago we introduced Luca Presto, a big-headed magician who lacked in the actual magic department, but more than made up for it with his dazzling performance skills. The magic finally came to him when he met Cara, who he quickly made his assistant and the dynamic duo served as a bright spot in an otherwise dark reality on Earth.


Today, we’re happy to release Part 2 of Luca’s story which follows the pair as they aspire to enter a top-secret government facility just for the pageantry. However, what they find inside is much more than cheap thrills.


If you missed Part 1, be sure to head there first. Part 2 of Luca’s story also includes multiple tie-ins to the overarching story for Circuits and Shields, so if you want to be in the know, also check out our introductory Lore page.



The Pledge

“Halt! This is a restricted area!”


A man wearing a long coat with a cowl drawn over his face walks with carefree strides, finally replying with a booming voice, “Do you really expect ME to halt? Me… the Master of Pretend, the amazing Luca Presto!?” The man throws his hood back to reveal a wide grin.


The young guard holding his rifle blinks in confusion, “…who?”


Luca rolls his eyes and looks back at his assistant, “Cara! He doesn’t recognize me! Can you believe this?”


“That is certainly unbelievable, sir! I’ll remedy this straight away.”


Cara launches into a lengthy diatribe of the history of the Presto name and of course, the magnificence of Luca’s magical accomplishments, a story she recites in a practiced tone. As the tale finally comes to an end, the entranced guard snaps back to reality and realizes Luca has somehow disappeared. He turns to point his rifle at Cara, but in the blink of an eye, Cara vanishes in a puff of smoke.
Now inside the facility, Cara spots Luca “stealthily” dipping and dashing between the corridors of the fully-lit hallways.



The Turn

“Cara, get down, we have to stay hidden! By the way, what took you so long?”


Letting loose a long sigh, Cara apologizes and points to the camera directly above them. “I believe we may have already been spotted sir. Perhaps we should move with a little more speed if we truly wish to show the world what the Presto name is capable of.”


Luca perks up and trots confidently to the massive door that lies ahead of them, placing his hand softly on its center. “Ah yes, fantastic idea Cara. This is quite the piece of work, but I’m sure I’ll have no problem cracking it. Have I ever told you about my extensive training in lockpicking? You see it all started when…”


The guards in the surveillance room, severely lacking a sense of urgency, watch in entertainment as the odd intruder fidgets up and down the massive door for several minutes to no avail. Suddenly they see Cara approach calmly behind Luca and with a flick of her wrist, the once thought impregnable door flies open, prompting them to jump from their seats and rush to the breach.


“Ahhh Cara, I’ve finally done it! Certainly tough, but in the end just a simple matter of finding the right combination of pressure points!Luca rushes through the open door, finding himself at the base of a shifting orb of energy, contained by an intricate series of wires and spinning metal rings. Turning to share his excitement with Cara, he’s instead greeted with a faceful of rifles. “So… Cara, I have to be honest, I never really understood the plan. I’m just going to wing it.”



The Prestige

Starting with a slow movement to pull the cards from his jacket, Luca then fans the deck out and shouts charismatically as only Luca Presto could: “BEHOLD! The great Luca Presto will now perform a special, never-before-seen trick, here in your super-secret underground bunker! One night only! Now, my friends, pick a card, any card!”


Knowing there’s nowhere for him to run, the bewildered guards allow the trick to continue. Soon Luca is gracefully dashing around the room, surrounded by spontaneously combusting cards flying in every direction. He stops momentarily to swallow a card whole whilst playfully pointing out the three rabbits now nestled at the guard’s feet. Finally reaching the conclusion of his act, he stops and glares intently at his cards, praying for a miracle. As he gently pulls a card from the top of the deck, a coy wink from Cara catches his eye.


Her restraints inexplicably fall from her wrists and Cara lunges at Luca, shoving him into the swirling ball of energy. Smiling from ear to ear, Cara simply exclaims, “Finally!”


Luca awakes in a lush field of flowers surrounded by a litany of onlookers, none of which appear human to his blurred vision. Without hesitation, he shouts, “Hello my friends! Today you will witness the greatest show on ea…” Luca pauses momentarily to survey his surroundings, “IN THE UNIVERSE!”


As he reaches into his pocket to pull out his cards, they spill from his hands. He stares in wonder as they stop mid-fall and begin floating around him. With a mere thought, the cards shuffle themselves. Laughing, Luca performs trick after trick, all without touching a single card.


“And now, for my final trick, I will require the aid of my beautiful…” Previously lost in the art of the performance, Luca finally recalls the events at the facility and for the first time in his career, he stands silent on the stage, unsure how to proceed. That silence only lasts a brief moment as he raises his head only to find an ethereal Cara, shimmering with blue light at his side.


She smiles peacefully as if a massive burden has been lifted from her shoulders, finally leaning in and whispering into the magnificent Luca Presto’s ear; “The first step of our journey together is complete. Now the real magic can begin.”


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