I had someone tell me on Discord that they weren’t even sure the project was still active, so it’s about damn time we actually start pushing out some more content. While I’ll shoulder 100% of the blame for lack of content, we’ve been going through a bit of a weird phase in the project that is incredibly unexcited, both as a fan and even more for us as developers.



The Dreaded Tonemapper

About three months, almost immediately after we FINALLY finished production on our Circuitball map, Unreal released an engine upgrade that removed the existing tonemapper, completely changing the way lighting/post process worked inside Unreal Engine environments. Due to these changes, the Circuitball map was stuck looking really ugly, so ugly that there’s no way we ever wanted to release images of it to ever have anyone think that this would be our final product. Finally, after a really long time of trying to get it right, we found the right people (shoutout to George Hulm and Andreas Moritz) and wrapped up our second FINAL version of Circuitball. Here’s a before/after:


Circuitball - Before/After



Next Steps


Along with the Circuitball map fixes, we’ve been in the least fun spot possible on the programming front and that is bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs. That combined with some personnel changes has set us behind a bit from where we would like to be right now, but things are finally starting to come together. We are extremely close to having one champion (Vexa) 100% completed and I am very excited to release a gameplay video showing off how cool her kit is. We’ve also got an early working of our item system in place and the Circuitball functionality fully working (passing and scoring).


Hopefully we’re on the downhill heading in Kickstarter and we can snowball our current momentum to getting this out as soon as possible, but one thing I’ve stressed through and through with this project is that we will not sacrifice quality. It is truly our aim to put out a Kickstarter where you would have no idea it’s a tiny underpaid indie team behind rather than a AAA studio. We think we’re close to that goal and look forward to releasing more content soon. As always, follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/CircuitsGame and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/caUt2RX


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