Arena View2


Carved into a mountain side, the Arena looms over the Avos’ city of Koza. Countless matches have been fought on its sands and the Avos have watched them all. There is no better way to earn the Avos’ respect than victory in the Arena.




Environment Concept Circuitball Dan Pellow Circuits and Shields


This symmetrical arena features two teams of five battling to control the ball and take it into the enemy’s endzone.


Circuitball utilizes a ball that spawns at the middle of the map that can be grabbed and thrown to your teammates with the intention of taking the ball into the enemy team’s endzone. You’ll have to utilize proper spacing and teamwork to throw the ball to your teammates and successfully reach the enemy base. But take note! All walls inside this battleground are programmed to reject the flag or ball, meaning you’ll drop your prize if you try to dash or blink over the wall, making coordinated strikes even more important.






Details coming soon!