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Three months is much too long without an update and we apologize, but things are still moving well over in the Circuits camp. As we drill down into a more and more focused approach, we have less things in the pipeline to show, but each new piece of content brings us closer and closer to a playable stage. With that said, we wanted to spend some time to update you on the overall project status as well as some of our future goals. Make sure to follow us on twitter as we post our smaller updates there as well: http://twitter.com/CircuitsGame



What Our Plans Are:

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We’re trudging ahead to prepare for Kickstarter, but with that Kickstarter, we don’t want to just promise you quality, we want to show it to you first. With that said, the last thing we want to do is rush things. We’re hoping to achieve our goals and launch our KS in approximately four months. Our current plans are:


  • Gameplay Videos. While it won’t be playable on Steam come Kickstarter, we will have gameplay videos demonstrating functionality (including Multiplayer).
  • Five fully complete champions. This includes animations, spells, VFX, and sound/voices.
  • Working Circuitball level at 100% production quality.
  • Functioning Augment Tree. We’ll demo a character leveling from 1-20 and show off how each champion can be customized mid-match.
  • Functioning Item Shop. We want to show exactly how our items work (and why it’s a better system than any other MOBA).
  • Functioning Blessings. We of course have to show you a player purchasing a giant meteor to drop on someone’s head.

The TL;DR of this is: We want Circuits to look like a complete game come Kickstarter. Obviously, we’ll be extremely short on content, but we want to show you exactly what this game will be all about. That means no placeholder graphics. No sub-par animations and effects. Just near AAA-quality assets and features with incredible gameplay to back it up.


What we’ve done:

In the last few months, we’ve primarily worked on getting ourselves to a playable stage. On the programming front, we have our big core systems in place, movement, stats, attacking, and spells. While these may seem relatively trivial, we’ve got a massive back-end in place that allows extremely rapid deployment come content time, meaning we can quickly add new champions and features to the game without a bunch of spaghetti code limiting us.

In the art department, we finally got our exact layout of Circuitball completed (more on that later as we made a lot of mistakes on this one) and we’re currently in progress on making it nice and pretty. Vexa, our first champion, is almost fully complete, missing only sound at this point. We’ve got spell icons done for 4 of our first 5 champions. And finally, we’re getting close to our final iteration of our main UI and HUD.


What to look forward to in the next month:

On the immediate pipeline is finalizing and polishing a lot of the systems we already have in place. We’re discovering new small things every day that we need to make sure are in place. For example, we had a really neat orb-walking/animation cancelling system in place for basic attacks where we could specify exactly when in the animation projectiles fired and the champion could move, but we then realized we didn’t extend that same system to spell casting. Lots to do!

With Vexa, we’re putting the final polishing touches on her spells and overall look. Once that’s complete, we’ll be moving on to Jet and Jan Itor, where we already have the animations done, but still need to put them in-game and finish off their spells and VFX. Once those 3 champions are done, we’ll look at getting sound added. Finally, Circuitball is extremely close to being done and we hope to be unveiling its new and final look in the next month!



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