Circuits and Shields began development in Q4 2015 under the idea that indie-developed didn’t have to mean small. It didn’t have to mean a team that was new to the game development scene just looking to build their portfolio. It could mean AAA quality production values in a content rich game. Circuits is well on it’s way to achieving this idea with a team that consists of AAA quality artists, programmers with years of experience in Unreal, and designers with experience at companies like Riot, Blizzard, and Gearbox.


Circuits believes in the mantra of smarter, not harder. Costs have been reduced drastically due to careful planning and intelligent usage of resources. Prior to beginning the planned Kickstarter funding campaign, Circuits is aiming to build a workable prototype featuring several champions, a playable level, and Steam integration. As of Q4 2017, the prototype is almost complete, coming in at an estimated build cost of only around $50,000, including all web presence, programming, art, and sound, a small amount compared to the mammoth costs normally found in the game development industry.


Circuits currently only has two permanent development team members, but has been contributed to by 20+ freelancers around the world. Circuits and Shields is currently expecting to have its Kickstarter launch around Q1-Q2 2018.



Current Team:

While the following isn’t a full list, Circuits wanted to recognize some of our major contributors and the hard work they’ve put in to help make this project a reality. Since each member only works around 10 hours per week, most are available for freelance work and they all come highly recommended.

Name Position Portfolio or Contact
Srikant Dash Lead Programmer “Envenger” on Unreal Forums
Sam Jeeves Programming
Bora 3D Characters
Kaushik Saha 3D Character Modeler (Arthur)
Daniel Merticariu 3D Props/Weapons
Hokunin 2D Characters
George Evangelista 2D Characters
Sam Callum 2D Characters
Daniel Pellow 2D Environments
Georgi Markov 2D Environments
Travis Lacey 2D Environments and Icons
George Vlad Sounds and Music
Joe Radak Design for Circuitball
Peter Gubin 3D Environments
Alessandro Kitchener 3D Misc
Yannas UI
Lance Vermeer Game Design
Clay Murphy Writing
Benjamin Wagner Writing
Shravan Web and Graphic Design
Raj Kumar Web Design
Daniele Carilo Web Design